"Iron Dogs"
"Steel Pagoda's"

Green Man Gallery, Buxton. Derbyshire. 5th - 31st May 2016
65 Degrees 8 Min South
A break in the mist... Terra Nova
Betrayed by Moonlight
Bismarck Evading her Pursuers
Bismarck signals Prinz Eugen
Bismark Curtains of Rain 22/05/1941
Cpt. Cook Discovers E-Australia
Cpt. Scott, Bowers & Wilson No Futher
Emdem Indian Ocean 1914
Graf Spee Enters the Indian Ocean 1939
HMS Beagle off cape Horn. 24/12/1832 (2)
HMS Hood
JC Ross Discovers Antarctic Ice Shelf
James Clarck Ross
Japanese Fleet in Pacific 1944
Terra Nova en-route to Antarctica
Terra Nova en-route to Antarctica
The Dawn Before the Dawn of Disaster
The Swan of the East - Emdem 1914
The Wave
Tirpitz Norway 1944 (1)
Tirpitz Norway 1944 (2)
U107 750 Days
Yamato Emerges from Pacific Typoon 1944
Trinity at Docks
ships/The Huge Wave.jpg
Cpt. Cook Crosses Antarctic Circle
Cpt. Scott Ant. First Aeoronaut
Cpt. Scott The Black Speck
HMS Beagle Approches the Galapogas
HMS Beagle in Storm off Cape Horn
HMS Hood, bow on, heads for Bismarck
The Snapped Mast
USS Constitution
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